Get certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 with LRQA

Is your organisation holding an existing ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 certification and looking to transition to the new and revised management system standards?

The clock is ticking – more than a year has already passed and the transition deadline of September 2018 for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is fast approaching. Stay ahead of the curve and maximise your competitive edge by working towards certification sooner rather than later.

The timeline below marks important dates and key deadlines of the revisions to various standards. Plan and complete your transition early to ensure a smooth transition process and maximise benefits for your organisation sooner.

LRQA recognises that every organisation and its management systems are unique. The impact of the revisions to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 will depend upon the complexity of your organisation and the maturity of your management systems. We can provide the right support and training at the right time, to help ensure that your transition plan meets the needs of your organisation.

Our services have been designed to be about your organisation and your management system. We are committed to providing robust insight into your systems that helps you make an effective and efficient transition to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Discover valuable content on the new standards revisions below:

Benefits of Early Transition

Risk-Based Thinking

Learn about how Risk-Based Thinking provides a structured, measurable approach to issues that most likely impact organisations

Benefits of Early Transition

Benefits of Early Transition

Learn about the benefits of an early transition to the revised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Leadership Series

LRQA Leadership Series

Learn about the importance of Leadership in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and how to reap the greatest rewards from certification.

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ISO 9001:2015 Revision

Find out how our ISO 9001:2015 training and assessment services can benefit you and your organisation.


ISO 14001:2015 Revisions

Our range of ISO 14001:2015 services is designed to make your transition to the new standard as smooth as possible.

ISO 45001 Revision

Find out the latest news on the new occupational health & safety management system standard, ISO 45001.


Other Standards

Find out the latest news on the ISO Standards Revisions for other standards including: OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO/TS 16949.