ISO 9001:2015 Training

LRQA’s range of bespoke and packaged training services offers organisations the best start to transitioning to the new ISO 9001 standard. We have a range of bespoke and packaged training services applicable to both ISO 9001, three of which are shown below.

ISO 9001 is being revised. With an expected publication date of around September 2015, LRQA Training have developed public and facilitated On-site training to ensure you a smooth and successful transition journey. 

Our training will support and guide your Management System team, Auditors and Top Management on the changes that could affect your organisation and systems. We can provide the right support at the right time, from formalising a transition plan with you and your teams, that will identify exactly what training and support is required.  

The objective of the training suite of courses we have developed is to enable you to pick & mix the right public and In-House training for all your needs. 

Transition training courses