Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)

Corporate Sustainability Reporting, alternatively known as CSR reporting, is the process whereby companies - public, private; large and small - report on their non-financial performance. These reports allow organisations to demonstrate to stakeholders the impact their activities are having on the environment, society and sustainability. It is becoming understood that these issues that underpin the figures on your balance sheet are vitally important to your reputation and contribute to the overall success of your business.

How performance is communicated is important, especially with investment community interest in non-financial operating accounts. This has seen a rise in triple bottom line reporting with organisations acknowledging the role of social, economic and environmental factors.

Benefits of Corporate Report Verification

  •        Best Practice -  improved data and information accuracy means improved business decisions

  •        Competitive Edge - benchmarking against your competitors helps drive improvement

  •        Minimise Risk - independent verification gives confidence in legal compliance

  •        Reduced Costs - improved business decisions drive continual improvement, better use of resources and help reduce costs


Why choose LRQA for Corporate Report Verification?

  • Experience

  • LRQA works with organisations in all sectors and this experience combined with our Business Assurance approach mean our approach is tailored to your organisation.
  • Proven Track Record

  • We have high-profile clients in Thailand Particularly in the energy, utility sectors and currently verify a number of organisations corporate sustainability reports in Thailand, .
  • Expert Verifiers

  • Our verifiers have helped to develop the principles for the AA1000 Assurance Standard and participate with the GRI working groups which puts them in the best place to offer thorough and robust assurance.

What is Corporate Report Verification?

Verification of your Report, Information and Data by LRQA will give you the assurance that your report contains the right things and that the data systems on which your reports rely on are robust and reliable. We can customise our verification services to meet your criteria and required level of assurance and can verify your reports against a variety of assurance criteria, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) or the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s ESG 100.

We were closely involved in helping develop the principles for the AA1000 Assurance Standard and our experts have participated in GRI’s working groups. We were part of the materiality working group whose output produced GRI’s Technical Protocol. This publication was created to provide process guidance on how to define the content of a sustainability report. This includes deciding on the Scope of a report, the range of topics covered, each topic’s relative reporting priority and level of coverage, and what to disclose in the report about the process for defining its content.