TIS 18001

What is TIS 18001?

TIS 18001 is the Thailand industrial standard specification for occupational health and safety management systems. It has been developed in response to industry demand for a recognisable health and safety management system standard which can be externally assessed and certified. 

Who Can Use TIS 18001?

TIS 18001 is applicable for any organisation irrespective of size, sector or geographical location.

Why is OHSAS 18001 important for your organisation?

The implementation of an effective health and safety management system helps drive improvements, and streamlines internal processes thereby helping you to become more efficient and meet business goals and objectives.

TIS 18001 certification demonstrates to your stakeholders that you’re confident in your organisation’s ability to meet health and safety legislation requirements.

Benefits include:
  • Agreed and recognised practices for health and safety management by the Thailand government
  • A model for continual and systematic improvements in health and safety
  • Increased employee engagement and brand reputation through your commitment to implementing, maintaining and improving a health and safety policy

How can LRQA Help?

LRQA’s unique assessment methodology ensures our assessments focus on the areas and issues that are important to your business. Our assessors are industry specialists matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust assessment of your system.

LRQA provides TIS18001 certification services as well as a range of other health and safety training courses, leading to:

Improved risk management
The management of health and safety becoming more transparent and effective by translating the outputs of our audits into actions for your organisation.

Compliance with legislation
Provides a means for identifying existing legislation and other relevant requirements helping you stay within the law.

Stakeholder confidence
Increased credibility from having an OHSAS management system independently assessed.

Download the TIS 18001 Datasheet