CQI-27 Casting System Assessment

You need this course if

  • requirements for foundry suppliers of OEM automotive castings
  • it is a collective effort by OEM and Tier 1 customers to create common process requirements for foundries, requirements which our shared experiences tell us will benefit the foundry industry for their OEM automotive customers
  • to have robust processes which minimize the risk of casting defects in automotive applications

You will learn

  • Assessment Process and application of process approach to auditing as identified by the requirements of IATF 16949:2019.
    • Each assessment shall include a review of the organization’s systems using the CSA
    • Successive Job Audits
  • Assessor Qualifications
  • The Process Tables are specific to casting processes:
    Process Table A : Ductile Iron
    Process Table B : Grey Iron
    Process Table C : Centrifugal Liners
    Process Table D : Aluminium Semi-Permanent Mold
    Process Table E : Aluminium Semi-Permanent Mold Cylinder Heads
    Process Table F : Aluminium Green Sand
    Process Table G : Investment Casting (Iron/ Steel)
    Process Table H : Aluminium High Pressure Die Cast
    Process Table I : Magnesium High Pressure Die Cast
    Process Table J : Aluminium Permanent Mold
    Process Table K : Aluminium Piston
    Process Table L : Zinc High Pressure Die Cast
    Process Table M : Compacted Graphite Iron

You will need

  • basic knowledge or experience with Casting Process

Course length

  • 2 days
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