Developing a Quality Strategy

You need this course if

  • you are a manager involved in the development and delivery of a Quality Strategy which drives leading-edge performance in a global economy

By the end of the programme you will have

  • identified the strengths and weaknesses of your business in relation to its competitive environment on a broad range of key areas such as market growth and process capability
  • reviewed the European Excellence Model and measured your organisation’s own performance against the relevant benchmarks
  • evaluated your overall Mission and Values and key strategic goals
  • identified the Critical Success Factors which will enable your business to drive towards its key strategic goals
  • evaluated the real culture of the business in relation to its intended values and identified discrepancies and contradictions
  • identified the key change areas for you business and a plan to progress the most important of these
  • agreed a way to measure and manage the change process within your own organisation

Course length

2 Days
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Eastwood Hall Conference Centre, Nottinghamshire Book Now