OH&S Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor

You need this course if

  • you want to audit OH&S Management Systems against OHSAS 18001 requirements
  • you are an Auditor or OH&S System Manager and want to add to your credibility with a widely accepted qualification
  • you want to satisfy the formal training requirements for IRCA auditor certification

You will learn

  • the purpose and benefits of an OH&S management system
  • essential definitions to help you interpret and audit OHSAS 18001 requirements
  • to analyse OHSAS 18001 clauses and suggest examples of evidence that would show conformance with these requirements
  • the importance of hazard identification and risk assessment and risk control
  • how organizations can take a preventive approach to risk management through the effective implementation of OHSAS 18001
  • the roles and responsibilities of an auditor and lead auditor
  • to plan and conduct an interview with top management and evaluate an organisation’s OH&S policy and objectives
  • to prepare an on-site audit plan that establishes effective audit trails across processes, areas and between members of an audit team
  • how to conduct process and area audits and evaluate the effective implementation of an OH&S management system
  • how to prepare for your audits by developing effective checklists
  • to gather objective evidence through observation, interviewing and reviewing documentation
  • how to evaluate objective evidence and correctly identify conformance and nonconformance with requirements
  • to report findings accurately against requirements of OHSAS 18001, write and grade nonconformity reports and evaluate proposals for corrective action
  • how to present your overall evaluation to top management
  • the certification requirements to become a registered auditor/lead auditor with IRCA

You will need

  • Knowledge of the following occupational health & safety management principles and concepts:
    • The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
    • The purpose and benefits of a an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system
    • A basic knowledge of managing occupational health and safety (OH&S) through hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control and compliance with legal and other requirements
    • A basic awareness of common examples of relevant national and local OH&S legislation and requirements.
    • Commonly used OH&S terms and definitions as given in OHSAS 18001
  • Knowledge of the requirements of OHSAS 18001, which may be gained by completing LRQA’s OHSAS 18001 Appreciation and Interpretation course or LRQA’s OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor course

Your future development

  • QMS and EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor conversion courses
  • Tutored Audits (coached live audit at your company)
  • IOSH and NEBOSH courses
  • Business Improvement courses

Course length

  • 5 days

This course is certified by CQI and IRCA and meets the requirements of the CQI and IRCA OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor (OH&SMS) course criteria PR323

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